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Pete Klemm, BSEE

Pete has extensive experience with real-time embedded systems. After graduating from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, he developed embedded software for Omnibyte Corp. in West Chicago, IL. There he was responsible for developing real-time control software for laboratory test instruments. While there he developed software in assembly and íCí for Motorola 6800, 68HC11 and 68340 processors. After leaving Omnibyte he developed† embedded software for Tellabs in Naperville, IL. While at Tellabs he was responsible for all aspects of embedded software development, from requirements analysis through customer product acceptance testing. There he began developing control software in C/C++ for Echo Cancellers, DWDM Optical Transport systems and Network Element Control Plane software.

In January of 2003 Pete decided to pursue a life long dream of running his own software development company. That company is called Embedded Systems Research, INC. With their focus on using open source software and tools, ESR can develop very robust and cost effective solutions with aggressive product development schedules.

Currently, Pete is developing embedded software for a client that is introducing a new generation of products that have a touch screen GUI interface. This project makes extensive use of open source applications and tools.

E-mail: pete.klemm@esysr.com

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